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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Harry + Taylor = 💩

OKAY, HAYLOR is shit.She want to add Harry to her web of boys,just ask her Exs, just in 2012 she had 23 boyfriends WTF! Who as that much people are calling Miley Cyrus a "slut" but she been with the same guy over 4 years.And people are calling Perrie Edward ( little mix) a "slut" because Zayn is her 2nd boyfriend and Harry is Taylor's 24 boyfriend .She writes songs about all of her boyfriends and she said "she's getting bored of Harry" .She wrote "I knew You Were Trouble" about Harry and he can't see it .Taylor called Niall a "FUCKING DUMB BLODE PIG"!!!and Harry protected her OMG!!! THANK YOU TO LIAM AND LOUIS THAT PROTECTED NIALL ...and did Harry know she wrote on twitter "FUCK DIRECTIONERS"and if I remember your One Direction UGH forgetting your girls (DIRECTIONERS)UGH .she changing Harry and your letting her do it to .Be your normal self Harry please !!!


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  1. I will SOPPORT them but it not right for her the say fuck Directioners and call Nialler that stuff :(